A Woman's Walk

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                                                                                                                 ~ Cheri Prater-White ~

June 6, 2014

Dear Father in heaven, I praise you and worship you,

and I exalt you on high.  You have carried me out of 

my darkness.  You have shown me the light.  I am 

your daughter, your masterpiece through my Messiah,

my Lord, my Jesus.  I grabbed hold of His garment

and was healed of my transgressions.  I am now one

with you Father, through Your precious son. 

HalleluYah!  Amen ~

June 18, 2014

Thank you Abba for speaking your Word to me today.  I will shout it from the

rooftops and in the streets.  I will bring your words to the people and you will 

open their hearts with your sweet spirit.  Flood me with the fruit and that sweet

nectar of your truth.  Spirit of God, come and fill me with all the goodness of 

my father in heaven.  I long for heavenly things.  I long to be home with my king.

Sweet spirit of God, open my heart and my mind to God's Word.  For I am 

a willing and obedient servant.  Amen ~

July 19, 2014

Father, as I sit here alone in the heat of this summer morning, I count my 

blessings.  I look around at the trees swaying in a slight summer breeze and the

flowers soaking up the rays of the morning sun.  I am reminded of how precious

all life is.  You breathe your life into all things.  Even the smallest blade of grass

would not exist without your breath of life.  Why is it so easy for us to take life

for granted?  It is a precious gift from our creator, and with each new dawn, you 

wake all to a new day, a day of second chances.  Each day is a new beginning. 

You are such a merciful God.  I humble myself in this new day, this new 

beginning.  For as long as you bring forth a new day, there is always hope. 

Thank you, father, for this new day and for breathing on us again your gift of 

precious life.  I will rejoice in it. Amen ~

July 15, 2014

Dear Father, I sit and reflect on all the little moments when I realized that you

were there.  Sitting quietly and being patient with me.  Your calls to me got

louder as the years passed by, until your voice was undeniably heard within my

heart.  From that moment forward, I was yours.  I belong to you my Lord.  Your

call is like a dripping faucet; ever so slight, yet ever so steady and persistent.  I

was so blind to it.  My heart could not hear it until that day.  That precious and

wonderful day when you called my name and my heart heard you for the first

time.  I will never forget how sweet the sound, music to my ears.  Dear Lord, 

thank you for not giving up on me.  If you had, I would  be lost.  You have 

awakened my heart.  You kept calling to me from that canyon I put between me 

and you, and I heard you.  Thank you Lord for calling me to you, for drawing me 

near and for keeping me safe beneath your wings.  Amen ~

July 4, 2014

Father, my days all resemble one another.  I see more people being lead astray 

with each passing day.  I mourn for them.  Why does evil prevail among us? 

Why do we hurt one another with our words and our deeds? A spirit of hate 

and destruction lingers over the earth and it resembles dark clouds blocking the 

light.  Oh Lord, my God, please deliver us soon from this lingering spirit.  You are

my fortress, my shield.  Help me, oh Lord, to resist this lingering cloud.  Give me

strength to endure it and to reap the reward that you have planned for me.

Father, oh please be an everlasting light to your people, leading us out of the

grasp of this present darkness and into the light of your salvation.  My spirit

longs for your presence.  I feel your coming is at hand.  Prepare me for the day

oh YHWH. I am longing, and my eyes are fixed to the heavens until you come.

My heart is filled with faith and my ears are in tune to your call.  Fill my 

lantern with oil continually so I will not be found as a foolish one.  Your love and 

your Word are everlasting and everlasting in the hearts of those who do not

sleep, but who seek you continually.  I will bless, worship, and praise your name 

forever.  Father, you are my hope, my life, my love....my everything. 

Amen ~

August 31, 2014

Father, I thank you for all the blessings you have given to me.  The greatest of 

these blessings is LOVE.  Father, you give us people in our lives who love us and 

who we can love in return.  Each person gives us a different kind of love.  There is

 the love a mother and a child share, the love siblings have for one another, a 

grandparent for their grandchildren, a husband for his wife etc...All these different

 kinds of love are representative of YOUR complete love for us.  You give us the 

love of a father, a mother, a brother, a friend, a spouse.  All the different kinds of

 love we share on earth with one another are all wrapped up in the complete and

 perfect love you have for us.  You Abba, give us all these different kinds of love.

  You and only You love us so completely.  I pray for those people here on earth

 who feel unloved or who don't have anyone to show them any love.  I pray that

 they will reach out and seek You Father.  I pray that you will 

send people in their lives to give them love, and that they will see Your love in

 them.  I praise your name and exalt you on high my Father, my mother, my

 brother, my husband, my friend...For you alone are all these loves combined in 

perfectness and completeness.  Amen ~